Jeury Tavares
Jeury Tavares
video content production company

Our Mission:
We turn your daily business into irresistible content
for people to enjoy watching and become your fan.    


Types of Short Video Content


Anja Burisch maßschuhe & the art of handmade shoes still alive.

What is a Vegan Tattoo? Tattoo artist Seppi tells us all about it.

SOISA teasing potential clients with their product line at the Hamburg AIExpo. VIEW MICRO VIDEO SET

Why They Work


The age of "one image film does it" over.  Today clients want to consume relevant information in the form of video more than ever.  Quick and easy.  When was the last time you had 5 minutes of your day to watch a corporate film? the average view time online is 30 seconds and the most consumable information is delivered in 15 seconds.  Studies show that brands who post great content on a regular basis tend to create a deeper relationship between the brand and clients.

You may be asking yourself, "what is great content?" Well, just give us an email and we would be more than happy to walk you through what makes great content.



Who We Are


We are a solid group of creatives who love what we do.  Being a group makes us work just like a large production company yet saving our clients thousands of euros. when hiring us, you are partnering up with people who understand that businesses need to make money. Having this in our minds, we look after your best interest because we want you to continuously come to us for all your video questions.



How We Do It


We specialize in Image-films, event-films, Viral content for social media distribution. Some of our clients have a specific idea already in mind and know what they want and other clients of ours do not know what they can use as "online content"  for their social media channels and that’s where we are able to help. We think from a consumer perspective.


Write us an Email


We are looking forward hear from you and understand what your challenges are so that we can help you overcome them. 


We are looking forward to speaking with you.