799 € Videos

The point of this price is so that every small business can have their own authentic video on their website.
The reason for having a video is so that clients can connect with you and your business. 
When people see videos they immediately connect and I have decided to make this available for every small business.


What you will get:

+ 1:00 - 1:30 Minute video
+ Planning your video
+ 1/2 day shooting (Max 5 Hours)
+ 2 Days Editing / Color Grading / Music (Royalty Free Music License)
All of that just for 799€


CLIENT: SEPPIHamburg City ink

Here is one example of how your video can look like. Every video is prepared together with the client (you) so that your video has your touch.

Client: Anja burisch

Anja has been making custom shoes for many years now. Since she will use this video together with her new website that is being built at the moment with an SEO backbone.