Jeury Tavares
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Jeury Tavares
video content production company

A Technical McGeiber with limitless capacity for innovating ideas.  Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New York City, Jeury Tavares is noted for the wit and exceptional range of his work from directing to consulting on how to deliver the message.

The passion that drives Jeury Tavares comes from an unexpected place since he doubled majored in college in Media and Communications as well as in Education.  Teaching teenagers and adults allowed Jeury to see how people think and process different types of information.  “I want my videos to educate people about a specific topic”.

After teaching for two years and working as a production assistant in featured films and music videos, Jeury Tavares decided it was time to dive into media and communication.  In 2009, he convinced “El Diario La Prensa” the largest Hispanic newspaper in New York and Los Angeles to let them do their infomercials and tech videos.  His concepts all pointed at educating the the viewers about a service or a product.  This result was more revenue in the digital space especially  when at that time companies were still figuring out a smoother transition into digitalization.

In 2012, Jeury decided to bring his knowledge to Germany and since then he has filmed for various production companies all over Germany as well as for companies such as Bayer, Audi, Seat, Swiss Life, Xing, Focus, Soisa just to do a little name drop.

"My goal is to help you connect with your specific audience and be part of your strategy process so that together we can bring the greatest message to your clients.  Helping you succeed through communication is my passion."