Sun Kissed



One of the greatest gifts this planet gives us is mother nature.  I spent a week in Spain with Alex Breker filming at a Citrus plantation in Spain.  I had never been to Spain but I sure was interested in visiting.  My two greatest joys in life are traveling and filming because for me those are the two best ways to meet new people whom until this day I keep in contact with. 

So back to the story.  

We were first welcomed with great weather, although the sun was a bit shy to be honest.  What stroke me the most was the attention these people had for us since the first day of shooting.  Our point of contact and the plantation's general manager "Miguel" was outstanding. His attitude towards us could be best defined as "what do you guys need (with a smile)". I mean how can you not love the guy.  But he was not the only one,  everyone who we worked with were so helpful and so keen to work with us.  Something else I found fascinating was the devotion for their jobs.  It reminded me of how we feel about our jobs thus making it so easy to connect with them as human beings who are passionate about what they do.  

On a final note, I had an amazing time working in this project and I would love to do another one of these.  

Highlight of the day:
America is known for people having big cars.  And most of the time, we buy big cars just because and not for a need.  But during this video shoot, I had the privilege to drive that white pickup truck you see on the photo up and down the mountain and I finally experienced what those vehicles are for.  It was so freaking fun!