On March 13th I departed from Hamburg to Boston for three days with Gerrit Staron and no it wasn't for vacation.

We traveled to film for Bayer's event in Boston USA.  The task was to make a film that showed Bayer's presence in life of science partnership.  I didn't know we would actually be shooting at MIT to be honest and as a New Yorker you hear about MIT but it's like "ah cool MIT/ Smart PPL" but to be in there and actually meet some of the people it's mind blowing. We were greeted with such a warm welcome by Rakhshita Dahr and John Hallinan. 

We arrived one and a half day earlier so that we could go around the city and film it's character.  This event was a super cool challenge because we had to interview 8 people in total, film the event and have a first rough cut by 10:00PM. 

By far this is one of the jobs where so much planning went into before hand and it worked flawlessly. 

My biggest takes from this project were:

1. how important it is to plan ahead of time with the entire team (client and filmmaker). I also was able to experience people putting their trust in Gerrit and me when plan A had to be altered. 
2. How I we were able to connect with the people at MIT because they have real passion for what what they do just like we do.
3. Just going inside MIT will make you feel smarter. ;)

I am so thankful to have been part of this project.

GTG til next time...


jeury tavaresMIT