Inspiration quest

So here is a totally different blog about my film making and content creation routine.

After working for some time, I decided it was time to take a two-week break and travel far.  Far far away. Well to be honest it wasn't really a break. I went to work but then something awesome happened. 

Anyway, so I hopped on a plane and gone I was.  For me, flying is something that I just do if I have to.  I am not a fan of flying just because so I rarely will go on vacation to places where I have to take a plane to get to. 

After all my work stuff was finished I did have time to snoop around and experience the culture and although I was with colleagues, had decided to do it alone and see how far I got. Being totally alone in a culture and language that is completely foreign to you is just eye opening. it is so easy to concentrate on what you are looking for and what you accidentally find which then makes you question yourself why have you been doing a specific thing for so long when there was this other way that made the experience better.

What I found more shocking to me was how my previous always pushed me to increase the level of perfection (if there is such thing).  I found it very similar to the behavior of this culture i am well trying to interact with.  Down to the pizza box it is all perfect.  The box has everything you need when you eat pizza, including your drink of choice and when you order a birthday cake, you just don't get a cake, you also get plates, napkins, a knife and forks and candles all in one box and get this, ITS ALL INCLUDED! Yes it's all included because that is just the way things have to be Easy, Fast, Effortless & Perfect. 

I am looking forward to traveling again and experiencing new things and being able to integrate them in the marketing world.