Hello Hannover


Last week, we pitched a new concept that left our client with a new thought.  A few weeks earlier I was approached by Flying Pixel regarding a storyline for a filter company.  I sat down over a nice cup of coffee and started to dig deep and find out what could be the perfect message and delivery and IF there was actually something special.  I started to think about the world polution in parts of the world.  Clean air is so important that people started selling clean air in a can as a joke and became a success in China.  So I developed a storyboard.

I wasn't quite 100 % sold on the idea yet because something told me there was something missing and I decided to ask for a meeting with the client together with Flying Pixel in order to hear from them why is their product is so important.  Besides talking about their passion for their products and concern for health issues in Germany, they also mentioned placesthat we normally visit where we are not aware of air polution.  It is when I knew what my storyboard felt complete because I do not like just producing the same videos everyone else does or at least with the same generic topics.  

In this Image film we will take a different look at how we see air and raise awareness for a healthier living.