Free SEO Tools for everyone with a website and man does it work

Free SEO Tools for everyone and if you are thinking the same question I would think the answer is NOPE NOT AFFILIATED with these people. But I am using their service and it is working so I thought why not share with you guys.  They are awesome people to say the least and a big shout out to Anna Pianka who has helped me set this up and in general is just awesome (

SEO tools are mostly paid for and do not always cover all areas that you would like to analyze. Now there is a free SEO tool called the SEO Diver that covers everything and at no cost.

I came across this hidden Gem while filming the Fitbloko event in Hannover a few months back and it was all by accident.  For most of us with small companies, we need to maximize our reach and performance with the little we have and this is where this tool comes in handy.

The SEO Diver allows everyone to measure and control their own website data and to derive optimization measures. Important tools, such as keyword monitoring, keyword ranking, or backlink verification, provide a good spectrum of different ways to optimize a website. In order to get an accurate impression of the SEO Diver, I tried some tools.

The keyword research is an an important step to arrange the landing page, creating content and to define relevant anchor texts for links. The keyword thus forms the basic building block after which everything else is built up. The SEO Diver also determines the traffic for a keyword, the level of difficulty, as well as other similar keywords or keyword combinations. The traffic is the maximal search volume that can be reached in the best month of the year. The level of difficulty is an indicator for the static visibility of all top 10 ranking domains for a specific keyword. The higher the value, the stronger the competition. Also the other keywords can create a kind of keyword cloud for the content and allow the website to get more rankings with a higher variety of search terms.


The keyword monitoring tool gives you the opportunity to get an overview of the rankings. Therefore, the most important keywords for you and your domain will be listed in the tool and the SEO Diver will show you the ranking development for your selected period of time. You can also change the period as you wish to display individual developments.


Also the social media area of the SEO Diver lets you compare important Facebook key figures with your competition. Just compare your own company profile with one of your competitors and determine what you should improve or what is already working and should be kept.
Let’s also have a look at the backlink verification. This tool provides you with an overview of your website backlink profile. After the verification process, further attributes and data are added to enable a qualified assessment of the links.

The SEO Diver release for everyone was part of the 15th anniversary of the ABAKUS Internet Marketing GmbH, a very popular seo agency in germany. Good rankings are important for websites because how else are your clients going to find you? and as ABAKUS managing director Kamillo Kluth also points out in his interview with the IHK Hannover. 

I can recommend giving this tool a try because I am using it and not just that, they are actually keen on helping you.  They have other paid features available to you but before you go out and invest money, give the free version a try and see if it helps cause in the end we all can use a little help.

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