German Companies & Snapchat?

Photograph by Michael Nagle—Bloomberg/Getty Images  

Photograph by Michael Nagle—Bloomberg/Getty Images

Will Companies in Germany use snapchat? 

As most of us heard, snapchat opened up it’s doors to investors at the New York Stock Exchange and their stock price opened up at 24USD and closed at 24.48 USD.  But some people may be wondering but what is all the hype about?

Well it turns out that snapchat has been the hottest app for the younger generation. It first started a photo and video sharing app that would make the videos self destruct after viewing them so there was no time to save and barely take a picture of what you were watching (yes some people took screen shots).  As time went on, the snapchat team added a page for stories where users could store small videos / photos about their lives in a chronological format. 

Already many companies such as Disney, McDonalds General Electric and many others have seen the great potential of this app and have joined the snapping wagon.  The ways these companies use snapchat vary.  General Electric for example uses it to answer user questions and also to promote science through experiments captured on video.

Other companies use the app to show people behind the scenes on their daily routine as well as breaking out new fashion collections.

The idea that makes these snaps so enjoyable is that there is no filter or content lasting long because the snaps only last for a maximum of 24 hours in your stories page.  This gives viewers and followers the urgency of missing the moment if they decide to not watch it.  

So will companies in Germany adopt this new form of marketing since it is proven to be the hangout spot for millions of people? Well it depends a few variables:

1. Is the ideal target group reachable through this app?

2. Are companies willing to try something new and outside of their traditional marketing?

In the end it is up to the companies to adopt it or simply stay away from it.  But I will give you my opinion about snapchat to not only use it as a B2C but as well as a B2B Marketing platform.  For better or for worse Social Media is here to stay. As we all know many companies have lost business to online stores globally and most of the reason being that they did not want to change with the times (yes I still see it happening). 

Lets break it down:

If Disney McDonalds and many other fortune 500 companies are using it efficiently and seeing results from using snapchat, why would any other company not start using it as well?

There are tons of ways that can be used and especially if no one in your field is doing it.

-You can show your clients new products
-Behind the scenes snaps
-Event invitations only for those who are "your clients"  (they will feel special)
And many other ways that will put you ahead of your competition

With a solid marketing plan and not just focusing on quarterly performance, any company can adjust to the new social media and online marketing wave and succeed before it is too late.


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