Sunday shoot with sweaty goats?

Not regular goats silly!

7 am on a train to Hamburg on what might have been the warmest Sunday morning this year.  We had prepared weeks prior so we were set for the most part.  From the personal side, I was excited because the creative Scape goat people are just one of funniest and most positive people you can hang around.

This time we decided all together to find a great location and rent beautiful lighting.  We decided to go with the new KinoFlo - FreeStyle LED 31 DMX  to light our talents faces as well as the product (scapegoats workout station).  Then we had a set of DEDO light (pretty powerful) which we blasted on the cieling since it was white so that we could get an overall exposure.  The trick was to massage the light to where it looked natural and gave a nice contrast. 

All natural light was coming from the top/ceiling but not directly down.  So the challenge was to make it look continuous since we were shooting on the same place but the sun would change direction throughout the day.  We broke down our shoot or rather groupped our shot so that we could keep the light continuity.  We adjusted the kinoflo's to come from the same side as the sun  and we didnt use a bounce or anything.  mmmmmmmmmm the highlights rolled off into the darkness like butter thanks to those gorgeous kinoflos (did I mention I love kinoflo?).  I had shot another spot three days prior in another city with the older version of the kinoflo 4banks and as usual they delivered so I Highly recommend them.  


Camerawise we shot it all with the Sony a7sii and this time not in Slog.   The reason for this is that we were going for a moody feel and I did not want noise on the shadows.  I really don't like what denoising does to the image and sony already adds this plastique look.  Funny enough with the Sony Cameras, even when you properly whitebalance, it still gives you a color shift. So i decided to shift it it by eye since I was going for the look on camera.  This technique worked like a charm.  The skin tones looked amazing (image below is a framegrab from the video and no editing has been done to the colors at this point).

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 19.18.49.png

As we all know we can plan all we want but sometimes we encounter restrictions and one being the location's pillars.  We wanted to have a number of people for the video inside but it was looking a bit too busy.  The great thing about using monitors is that not just the cameraman but also the client and other people can see what is happening and can all contribute to the look and feel of the image.  This is essential because every video production is a collaboration of people with different skillets and eyes with one thing in common: to make the film look awesome.  We decided to adjust from our initial plan and concentrates on the esthetics to deliver the message we were all after.

We finished shooting at exactly when we said we would shoot to.  It was awesome.  I love those words "its a wrap" not because the shoot is over but because of how everyone reacts after giving it all throughout the day.  Everyone is just happy.  

It was not the first time I have shot for Scape goat and I am looking forward to shooting once again with these people.