Small companies?

I have been on a quest to find out what keep small companies away from benefiting by using video as a marketing and selling tool.  The number one answer was "It costs too much money".  Traditionally, advertising on its own costs a significant amount of money but thanks to the web and social media channels this has been reduced to almost the bare minimum.  Videos had the same fate thankfully and is no longer only used by the large brands.  Yes being a huge brand does have it's advantages in terms of quality, reach and so on but it is no longer an excuse. 

In the picture above, you see a small camera that films in 4K resolution, a Michrophone stand, one diffused light attached to it and a second light outside of the frame to create a pleasing look and that is all! Videos do not always require a large crew, powerful lighting and Hollywood cameras (although it looks good and of course the production quality will be higher). Most of the videos produced for companies will go on their websites and their social media channels like facebook, youtube, twitter and any other preferred channel by the company.   What is important is to be present, showcase your products and/or services to the world and it does not have to break the bank. 

So I will give you five simple tips on how to break through this barrier without ending up broke.

I. Plan ahead and prepare:
Preparation is everything when you are trying to have the best results and spend the least.
Start by answering these three questions...
1. What are our clients interested in?
2. What is your primary marketing goal for this campaign?
3. How can we spread this material to our clients and prospective clients?

Number 3 is a bit difficult but I wrote it because as a small business we do everything internally. We cannot usually afford an external marketing agency to assist us on a daily basis.

II. film the video/s and if possible film extra content that may be used in the future.  This will reduce even more the costs because all that is needed is to edit the already recorded footage.

III. Do not send in multiple opinions about the video. Normally when getting a video for your company, most of the money spent is in multiple changes because there are too many people deciding at different times.  If there are many people who have to decide on the final output, make sure that they have seen the video and then collect all finalized changes to then send to the editor or filmmaker. 

IV. Use all social media channels available and share the content through email as well.  Since you might be new in social media, chances are that your channel does not have a lot of people visiting due to the basic facts that no one knows you have a channel and also that you don't have much content to share so therefore use the well established email method to let everyone know.

V. Analyze the results.  See how many people viewed it and read the comments because that is where the most knowledge comes from.  Feedback is key. Then repeat the same process but tailored with what you have learned.

Remember that chances are that your sector barely takes advantage of videos. So be one of the first ones to take advantage of this because the longer you wait the more difficult it will become to get your message across. 

I really hope this helped you understand a little more into the powers of video and also how you can take full advantage of it while saving money doing it.