Exchanges book Trailer

After seeing so many movies about bankers and stock brokers, you tend to have a special picture of how a stock market is supposed to look like.  A few months ago, I was invited to film for an up and coming project called "Exchanges". Over the course of 20 years, photographer Leon Dimitrios documented the exchange markets' transition into technology all over the world and as soon as I learned about this project I wanted to be part of this.  

Before going to the Frankfurt Börse, I asked to see the footage from earlier from India, USA and Japan.  I wanted to see what it was like back in the day.  The energy in those places were incredible. I only wish I as also there to document this but im not sure a five year old would want to be there (haha). So when I arrived at the Frankfurt Börse, for some reason I was expecting at least a 1/4 of that energy since technology has taken over. But to my amazement, there were only about 6 people on the entire floor working from their workstations.  The room looked more like a museum rather than a trading floor which to me was jaw dropping but at the same time great because I was about to film someone giving their point of view on the project, so it was super quiet.  

I sincerely, cannot wait until this trailer comes out and most certainly the book because it is fascinating to me.  I love working on these types of projects.