The cheapest and easiest way to marketing your business

We all hear the saying "the market is saturated" or "it so noisy out there that no one will see me".  If you have been like me (in the past) I've read many books and blogs on how to market my self and although it helped me be more out there (google adwords, facebook posts, instagram hastags and engaging with users), the reality is that it did not bring me a single lead.  After reviewing my last year's earning roots, as well as this past quarter in 2018, I realized that 100% of my leads came from clients I have been helping tell their story and sell their product. 

Here is why it works. Your clients are the cheapest and easiest way to expand your business because they are doing the marketing for you when he recommends you or simply talk about the service you provided them.  If you read every successful person who has made it, you will see a pattern show up.  They all start with nothing, doing work for free to build up a show-reel then start charging little and investing that money to making their work look even better and after a certain time they are able to establish themselves as a fully capable and professional in the business.

Why is this relevant you may ask? Well if you have a business ( and I do recommend that you use other channels as a form of advertisement and marketing) it is important that you show how passionate you are about your product or service and the number one thing is that you believe in what you have.  This belief will be transferred to others as an assurance that you are able to deliver what the clients need. Even more important is after you fulfill their desire or need by you taking care of them after the sale (be it asking how they like the product, do they have any questions, thanking them for the business, checking up on them to see if they need anything else etc.) This is where I find that relationships are made.   For example, I stand behind my product which is making awesome video content for companies and people. I just love doing it and even more so making my clients happy and over delivering on their expectations.  I don't do it because its important, I do it because its the way I would love to be treated. 

I see over and over that companies both large and small, take little care about the after sales and that they just contact clients to offer them something new. It is always this ask ask ask mentality and quite frankly there is so many people that can do your or my job.  It's just the truth.  So how do we differentiate? We take care of the clients like no one does because we believe in our product's results and our client's success. 

Have your clients back and see the magic happen.  They will do the marketing for you. 

PS: When you get a great feedback from your client, always ask "is there anyone you know who could also use a (your service or product)?  When you say this do not by any means do not talk.  Wait for an answer.  This works wonders and yes at the beginning it will be hard to say.