Want to save you money on your videos?

Introducing So Wit Media. A flexible and scalable film team that adjusts to your needs.

What we offer

Wether it's a small company video for your website or a full image film, we are here to make it a reality.  Our method is to always have the specific need for every production. From just needing one Video-Journalist to a complete video team, we have you covered.  The advantage we offer is that you only pay for what you need and we do not sell you extra things.

Videos for your Social Media

Social Media has become an essential marketing and sales tool.  Take advantage of the higher conversion rate video has than any other form of content.  And get this, you can monitor how much it is helping you.  We would love to show you how.


Your Company's Image Matters.

In this technology atmosphere, every company competes to be the most relevant in their sector. There are some ways you can stay on top of your game by using video. Here is a question: How many of your competitors use videos to update their customers on new products? 

So what are you waiting for?  

Let's talk about your new set of videos!

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